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"This is more than just a cream, it's an experience! So I had to go back for more" Phoebe

 "I am absolutely loving the butter and it's really helping with my eczema over this time too - thank you."

"What can I say about Embrace Body Skincare other than I absolutely love the products! Not only is the formula moisturising and rich, it also has essential oil blends that cater to a specific chakra. I chose the ‘Sacred’ body blend to focus on helping me heal my sacral chakra. As a often blocked creative, I found these moments of moisturising very uplifting and calming. I also found it quite meditative as I would pair the accompanying affirmation with every moisturising session which is a ritual in its own right. I’m definitely excited to try the other blends!!" Danielle

"I was using Renewed this evening on my legs and arms and the smell is still sending me to heaven ❤️❤️" Vanessa

"This cream is a seriously wonder product. It made the persistent dry and rough patches on my elbows completely disappear! I stopped using it once the patched disappeared and they haven’t come back!

This is a luxury wonder product and in these times where we need self-care and stuck indoors with central heating, it is a MUST! Worth every penny and more."

" What a beautiful blend!! I purchased the Beloved body blend by Embrace Body skincare and I have to say I feel the love. Great smell, shine and moisture that lasts. Worth every penny!!" Anika 

" I have been keeping my crystal close, and OMG the body blend, it’s like whipped air, it’s like a lovely light mousse yet it’s so rich on the skin!”

"Smells so relaxing! Melts into the skin!"

"Thanks for changing lives. Positive messages go a long way"

"Incredible, beautiful and authentic product!"

"I didn't even know my skin was so thirsty, but now I know what it feels like to finally be quenched"

"Absorbs so well!"

"I feel protected"

"Loved it. Saved my life!"