Embrace Body Skincare Founder

Embrace Body Skincare is borne of a journey filled with a passion for natural skincare, holistic living and spiritual wellness.

Having lived for years with eczema, acne and a range of hormonal and physical complaints, our founder, Natalie, decided it was time to make some big lifestyle changes.

Knowing the power of food, yoga and meditation, she took her health and wellbeing into her own hands. Combining the benefits of each principle from her mindfulness practices, she applied this synergy to create her own handmade plant based skincare products - free from endocrine disrupters and artificial ingredients.

The Magnificent 7 collection is inspired by the Chakra system. The essential oils, names and colours of each blend, represent one of the seven energy centres of the body. Our combination of natural ingredients and aromatherapy, nourish and nurture you skin. The collection is quite simply a ‘remedy for your soul’ - leaving you smelling and feeling amazing.

Whether you have been lacking clarity, simmering in self-doubt or constantly losing your footing, each blend is uniquely formulated to evoke a unique sensory experience to balance your energy whilst gently moisturising your skin.

Our blends are formulated by hand in London in small batches.  We use only organic and unrefined butters and the finest essential oils that take care of your skin, and the environment. All of our ingredients are vegan, cruelty-free and ethically sourced.
Celebrate your skin, embrace your body and make self-care a daily ritual.