Celebrate your skin, embrace your body and make self-care a daily ritual


This is not just a cream, it's an EXPERIENCE!


They all smell sooo good! They are sensual AF!


I've used all of the blends and each one evokes a different sense of restoration. My body loves it! 


I didn't realise how thirsty my skin was until I tried these. They literally saved my skin! #skinsaviour


This cream is seriously a wonder product. It made the persistent dry & rough patches on my elbows completely disappear! Worth every penny and more!


Perfect for using on holiday! I used SOLAR after a day at the beach and my skin was so well moisturised and soothed afterwards. I was literally glowing! 


I was using Renewed this evening on my arms and legs and the smell is still sending me to heaven.


BELOVED literally lifts my heart. My friend gave it to me as a gift and it made my skin ridiculously soft.


Get to know the blends

For the Earth Mother

You'll often speak to her and hear about a new meditation she's discovered or new yoga move she's mastered. She can often be found walking barefoot to ground her energy. Rooted is an earthy mix of frankincense & vetiver that help to ground your energy and reconnect with yourself.

If they were a colour, they'd be a warm and comforting rich red.

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For the Boujie Babe

Fiercely independent and happy to indulge in the pleasures life has to offer. You'll always see them in the latest threads, and they'll be telling you all about the trends for next year. Can often be heard saying, "It's a lifestyle hun" as they adjust their red bottoms.

Sacred is an indulgent blend of sweet orange & bergamot to uplift the spirit and relax the body.

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For the Go Getter

A fresh and cooling blend that speaks to your friend who never has to get ready, as they are always good to go.

Full of energy, their energy radiates out and fills the space with their sunny disposition. Solar is the blend for kickstarting the day.

A cooling peppermint and tea tree blend to give your day an invigorating start!

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For the Romantic one

Sweet like turkish delight, the Beloved blend is for the gentle sweethearts who are all about romance. They enjoy the classic floral blend of French lavender and Rose absolute.

If they were a colour they would be a grown up blush pink, with a hint of marshmellow. Think Farrow & Ball Cinder Rose.

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For the Classy One

Their style may be straight fire, but this friend likes to keep things cool and calm with their body care products.

Liberated is a gentle blend of Roman Chamomile and Vanilla will have you craving for a warm cuppa, furry blanket, comfy socks and a slice of cake. Basically hygge in a jar.

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For the Jetsetter

Tickets booked, bag packed and shades on. This friend is very comfortable flying out multiple times a year. Renewed will have this friend telling you, "this smells just like the spa at the 5-star hotel I stayed at last week".

Energising lemongrass and stimulating palmarosa bring the peaceful tropical vibes to wherever you are.

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For the Queen in your life

An enveloping blend of Geranium & Neroli fitting for the matriarch in your life. She is a no nonsense, open and honest kind of Queen. Able to deal with any situation with grace and confidence.

A sweet and floral aroma that is balancing and rejuvenating

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For the Purist

For the one who has no sugar, no dairy and no fragrance. Her skin is as sensitive as her energy and you had better do her right. Otherwise she will ditch you like you're a paraben!

Unconditional by name and by nature, this blend loves all skin types, especially the extra sensitive.

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Serve your greater good

Nourish your skin and soul at the same time.

Our blends are a remedy for keeping your skin and soul beautiful, naturally.

Each ingredient has been chosen for it's natural properties that balance the delicate pH and specifically target dry skin. Each blend is formulated to be luxuriously moisturising and soothing.

All of our butters are organic, unrefined and fair trade.

Purchased from co-operatives that help local villages take control of their financial future. By being unrefined their skin conditioning properties are increased because the higher level of vitamins and natural minerals are maintained. Their emollient-rich profiles are skin conditioning and perfect for rejuvenating dry skin. The essential oils do not attempt to mask the natural scent of each raw ingredient, but to complement and enhance each one.

Our oils are cold-pressed and unrefined to preserve the healing properties within them.

This protects the profile of each oil so that they can be at their most potent to nourish and protect your skin from the elements. They serve the greatest good of your skin by hydrating without blocking your pores, so your skin can do what it does best naturally. Quickly and naturally restoring the delicate pH balance without the addition of hormonal disruptors. Protecting you from the elements. Which is why our blends are a remedy for your keeping your skin and soul beautiful naturally.

Each ingredient has been selected for its natural properties that balance your skins delicate pH and specifically target dry skin. Each blend is formulated to be luxuriously moisturising and soothing.

All products are:

fairtrade and sustainably sourced. Embrace Body Skincare.