Virgo ♍

Dates: 23 August - 22 September

Mode and Element: Mutable Earth 

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Mantra: I analyse

Body parts: The digestive system

Chakra:  Throat 

Represented by the virgin or earth maiden and often thought of as the perfectionist sign. Ruled by the planet Mercury, this sign is a born communicator. Full of random stats and facts, the Virgo lives and breathes information and sharing that information with others. Natural born writers, speakers and creatives, a Virgo is able to immerse themselves in both the creative arts and the systems and processes required for business. 


Common traits: Practical, organised, no-nonsense, dry humour, kind, conscientious, meticulous and honest. 


Famous Virgos: Beyonce, Keke Palmer, Zendaya, Warren Buffett, Jack Ma, Jungkook, Keanu Reeves and Prince Harry.

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