Full Moon | 30th November Beaver Moon Gemini


Be Beloved

Today is the Beaver Full Moon in Gemini AND a lunar eclipse.

This moon may bring feelings of anxiety, tension and insecurity surrounding money, romance or love to the surface. So if you've been feeling a tad stretched or out of sync today, this will be why!

Be flexible and know that whatever comes up is leading you towards a state of equilibrium. It probably WON'T feel good in the thick of it, but once you get comfortable with being uncomfortable, you'll soon see how much lighter the other side is.

The lunar eclipse highlights emotional cycles that have run their course and encourage us to release those that no longer serve us.

So now is the time to be loving up on yourself and taking care of you. Beloved is inspired by the heart chakra and is the home of self-love. Rose quartz is the accompanying crystal.

✨ Today's affirmation: "I love myself with abundance and with ease" ✨

 Image by @indg0

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