Autumn Equinox

Feeling a bit forlorn at the prospect of Summer ending?

This could be why...

This Wednesday, 22nd September at 20:20pm sees the arrival of the Autumn equinox.

What is it?

An equinox is where the day and night are around the same length. The word equinox comes from Latin 'equal night'. There are two equinoxs each year, one to mark the beginning of Spring and the other to markthe official start of Autumn. Traditionally, this time of year marks when farmers would bring in the harvest. Which is why the full moon just before the equinox is called the Harvest moon.

In short, it means that the day and night will be around 12 hours each. So from this day forward the days get shorter and the nights start getting longer. A time for us to reflect on the dark and the light outside and within each of us. The importance of balance. A cosmic ying and yang. How magic is that right? Pre covid people would often celebrate by visitng Stonehenge or Primrose Hill to mark the occasion.  


So what does this mean for you?

Energetically, think of it as a harvest for your soul. No, not the horror movie kind, the kind where you can reflect on all of the intentions, goals or plans you made earlier in the year. How did they go? Were they what you expected? Or did the Universe give you more than what you asked for? Yes, sometimes she throws a curveball in the mix, but think of it as tempering to prepare you for all the blessings that are pending. Divine timing at its finest!

Indigenous cultures internalised the solar and lunar activities and took it to be an external representation of the spiritual journey each of us navigate. 

As you assess and review the past seasons, purge and release all that does not serve you to make room for all the joy that will be making its way to you.

What can you do?

Just as Mother Earth offers up her harvest bounty for us to enjoy and celebrate we are not only reminded of the sacred symbol of the fertility of this season but also the importance of gratitude.

So take some time out to reflect on what you are most thankful for and want to achieve, change, renew or replenish. Light a candle with the intention of it bringing more light into your life and helping you to remember to give thanks for all of the abundances that constantly surrounds you. An affirmation could be, "I give thanks for all that I am, all that I have and all I am yet to become". I personally find this an empowering and humbling reminder to be rooted in gratitude. 

You may want to have a bath with some salts and rub yourself up with our Beloved body blend and affirmation set to remind you that it all starts with love and gratitude. I like to cleanse myself and space with white sage to reset. 


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